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With Cybersecurity, Do You Consider Inside Employee Threats?

Do you know what internal cybersecurity threats are? Internal cybersecurity threats are acts that have the goal of disrupting computer systems with harmful intentions. They are often caused by the careless actions of company employees, or by the actual malicious intent of an employee -past or present. A disgruntled employee can cause a massive internal cyber […]

Easy tips for mortgage firms to communicate securely with clients

Security Service Mortgage Loans   Did you know that almost 75% of mortgage firms are operating their business with severely compromised communication with clients? Sensitive financial and personal information is being sent in a rather risky way.  Both small and large mortgage firms are utilizing unsecured email accounts to send files. This is a huge […]

Why Mortgage Lenders must encrypt their computer systems

Today, the cyber threat landscape is more severe than ever before. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and cybercriminals continue to leverage increasingly sophisticated techniques to infiltrate systems and steal data. For example, just last year, we saw the fourth largest loan-servicing company in the US, Florida-based Lakeview Loan Servicing, fall victim to a data breach […]

Scaling your lending firm with Microsoft’s 365 Cloud PCs

As a managed cloud services provider, we intend to share the basic education and benefits of the new Windows 365 enterprise cloud PC. This series is specific to the mortgage and lending industry on how we can leverage the benefits of Microsoft 365 to scale your operation without purchasing expensive computer hardware. The Challenge Traditionally […]