The Importance of protecting company data

In 2022, nothing is more important than keeping your company data safe. 

Breach vulnerability is at an all-time high. Protective measures need to be put in place to set up a safety net against breaches, unauthorized access, and data spills. 

What is a data spill? 

According to wikipedia,


” A data breach is a security violation, in which sensitive,

protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted,

viewed, stolen or used by an individual

unauthorized to do so.”


A small or large company needs to protect its website, database, and computers. It’s important to have these safety measures in place to avoid company loss or corruption.

Implementing data security solutions is critical so that you can protect your company assets from potential cyber attacks.

ETS technology solutions is here to explain risks and solutions. 

Everyone Is At Risk

There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to data security. It is hugely important for all companies out there to protect themselves.

  • Small companies: You may think you are too small to be at risk. This is simply not true. Hackers attack everywhere, from inside and outside company walls.  Sneaky hackers target all kinds of companies. In fact, a small company that is growing can potentially suffer the most from cyber attacks. They are at risk due to not having enough immediate resources available to resolve attacks.

  • Large companies: You might think that your large company can handle the fall-out of an attack due to stronger financials. However, financing isn’t the only thing at risk-data breaches are a massive issue. Cyber attacks can cause major damage, and they should not be ignored. It is important to have strong data security solutions in place for your company’s protection. 

Data Is A Company Asset You Can’t Afford To Lose

All companies also have wealth in the very information about their business itself. 

This can include information on the services and products you offer.  It also includes:

  • Financial plans
  • Business plans
  • Design plans and concepts
  • Client information 
  • Customer information and data
  • A data breach would directly hurt your revenue, future benefits, and affect the overall plans for enhancing your company.

It is of the utmost importance to protect your business’s confidentiality and to secure company data in order to protect the assets of your company.

Avoid The Breach

Your company is responsible for any data loss that you may suffer. This could include protecting the financial details and confidential customer information files. It also includes your employee’s information. 

You want your company to be reliable and trustworthy. You want to continue to develop growth opportunities.

So, what can a company do?

They can take a few steps, like:

  • Improving business mobile security by maintaining an accurate record of company-owned mobile devices
  • Protecting business assets with technology business solutions 

Employees are using personal laptop for work, so they must be protected, too. 

Attacks Are Automatic

Hackers are smart, unfortunately. They can remotely automate huge cyber attacks. 

These are called “bot attacks”. It’s a way in which the attacker can utilize an automated system of web requests to quickly manipulate data, break into personal devices, steal, control, or disrupt a company’s website. 

Hackers have ways of distracting your security to get into your system undetected. This is why you need real pros to come in with a data security solution for your company. 

Integrity and Value

Your company wants to provide the best services and products out there. You want to take pride in your company and honor your customers. 

Your customers trust you with their credit cards and personal information. While no one would risk their customer’s private information intentionally, by not having a protection in place you are in fact opening the door to risks of dangers that exposes data. Data leaks are real and they will negatively affect your company’s  reputation – and leaks only take a second to occur.

Staying Safe

Data should be as free from computer breaches as much as possible, from both inside and outside sources. Employers can use firewalls to restrict employees’ access to sensitive data.

ETS can provide breach prevention by developing a security system that is as protected as possible.

This includes these steps towards preventing data breaches:

  1. Developing a protection strategy against a data spill
  2. Cloud service and protections for all types of data breaches
  3. Employee safeguarding through training and background checks
  4. Company laptop policies and employee app data security
  5. Data storage to protect sensitive information
  6. Disposal of data that is safe
  7. Malware protection to keep emails safe
  8. Strong encryption settings to protect your company’s wireless networks
  9. Password management and strengthening
  10. Device protection for you and your employees, and smartphones security
  11. Constant software updates and security back ups for complete protection 

In Closing

Your company must make preventing a breach of security the highest priority. 

ETS can add extra layers of sensitive information protection to keep you and your company safe from unauthorized access to your company data, systems, and equipment. With so many employees working remotely, mobile security for business is a top concern, too. 

Every size company is at risk of being a target of hackers. Do not allow your company to have a vulnerable security system – you need protective measures in place asap. compared to big companies. 

So, reach out to ETS – we are here to help you stay safe from damaging data breaches because your data security means everything to you – and us.