What Is MDR And Why Business Owners Should Care

It’s 2023, and cybersecurity has never been more important.

Cyber threats and attacks continue to grow in our workplaces and homes. Hackers seem to be everywhere, and they are relentless.

This is why it is super important that you are aware of all of the technology that is available to protect you and your employees. 

Future attacks are preventable, and MDR can be a solution.

What Is MDR? Do I Need It?

Cybersecurity threats to business network security are indeed a huge problem. They need to be constantly monitored. Response must be swift. 

So, how can a small company or startup 

be constantly aware of threats? 

How can a company have a solid resource of people 

(and quality technology in place) 

to face these threats? 

Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, and even confusing. However, it doesn’t need to be. It’s important to try to see beyond the terminology.

Cybersecurity can be less daunting with the aid of real protection. There are protocols and learning processes, like MDR, that can greatly reduce your company’s risk from threats  – in a fairly straightforward way.

What is MDR in cyber security?

MDR stands for “managed detection and response”.

What is managed detection and response?


It is a kind of cybersecurity that monitors, finds and responds to threats through the use of both top notch technology and human response. The goal with the employment of security MDR is to rapidly identify and lessen a threat without the use or costs of additional staffing.

The MDR security suite provides protection by a unique use of outsourcing of services of protection. This can allow your business to limit the impact of many cybersecurity threats. These services can be utilized without a huge expansion of your existing security operations, or your number of staff members. 

Why MDR Is A Solution

The reality is that most companies do not have the know-how or the resources or budget to face the massive cyber threat challenges facing our world today. Unfortunately, this can lead a company to falling prey to dangerous attacks.

A solution is needed, and mdr cybersecurity is the sensible choice for a company to stay safe against growing threats. 

So how does MDR work exactly?

  • MDR application: MDR solutions apply the needed technology and expertise to your core network and endpoint systems.
  • MDR will deploy: MDR will shield your entire network and its endpoints to block incoming threats and to minimize your vulnerability.
  • MDR will detect: Through the use of continual monitoring, your company’s networks and endpoints are secured with mdr tools. Use of an EDR tool protects endpoints. Data identifies cyber incidents with immediate notification. 
  • MDR will respond:  Mdr cyber security will quickly identify and respond to any potential and found threats.
  • MDR will fix: MDR allows for swift remediation and response to a threat. Swift action is taken through trigger responses that are automatic. These will eradicate a high-priority threat and reset your system to a safe status.
  • MDR will report: An automatically generated report from your MDR service provider will provide the needed details for you in a report for each and every cyber event. This will help to identify your threat, give you info on how and when it occurred, and give you a breakdown of the response that was taken. MDR performance engines will also tell you how the issue was properly resolved.

What Are The Benefits Of MDR?  

MDR is a security service that is comprehensive. It gives your company complete protection for your network and endpoints, with top solutions. There are very real benefits for you and your valuable clients and customers.

5 Benefits of MDR:

  1. Expertise: MDR provides the needed security expertise for your company. Your mdr provider protects your company by identifying threats and dealing with the response to threats, free from the costs of creating your own in-house security operations.
  2. Frees Up Staff: With MDR, the responsibility is reduced from your employees to solo monitor your systems. It will help you identify, chart and respond to all kinds of cybersecurity threats.
  3. Cost Reduction: With MDR you do not need the increased expense of employing or training new cybersecurity employees. It saves you from the unbelievable costs of an attack. 
  4. Its A Real Solution: MDR provides pure protection against threats. The constant monitoring and remediation gives you 24/7 protection, which is invaluable.
  5. It Can Grow With You: MDR is scalable, meaning it will grow with your company to meet your ever-growing and changing needs. It continually improves and expands for you and your customers.


What about MSSP?

MDR vs MSSP: Simply put, MDR is a more complete security system. MSSP (Managed Security Services Providers) can not cover everything that MDR does. 

MSSPs can only provide the detection and alert services of a threat, while MDR also provides the needed response and remediation of those threats. With MSSP, a company must respond by themselves to the business internet security alerts and provide future protection. It is not as thorough as MDR.

MDR is the way to go.

The Cyber Security Reality

In 2023, you absolutely need your company to be fully protected against the incredible sophistication of global cybersecurity threats. They are real and they are constantly growing and evolving. 

Alerts to these threats or attacks are not enough. You must be ahead of the game with solid security against instigators, through the use of MDR.

You can learn more about MDR, and how to stay safe and prosperous with a smart approach to cybersecurity, by contacting ETS today. 

Think of us as your MDR guide towards a successful – and safe – 2023!