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Nonprofits need exceptional IT services to function smoothly and have maximum impact on those who most need their aid. Empowering Technology Solutions offers professional IT support, strategy, and solutions for nonprofit organizations. With our help, you can better help those around you and run a more efficient, successful operation.

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expert it Services for Nonprofits

We understand that nonprofits face a unique set of challenges with their IT. From simple communications for daily operations to sending and receiving orders and donations, efficient and reliable IT support is vital for any successful nonprofit organization.

Nonprofits often face issues such as limited budgets and reductions in funding; we know that every penny counts for your organization, and we take your needs to heart by providing affordable and reliable services that will make your dollars stretch.

We also know that volunteer positions at your organization may have a high turnover rate, which requires constant changes. Solutions from major carriers simply aren’t suitable for nonprofit organizations that continually grow and evolve, but Empowering Technology Solutions gives you flexible options that can scale with you and your ever-changing technology.

We are experts in providing IT services and solutions to nonprofit organizations. Learn more about how we can help you through our experienced IT services for nonprofits.

Our IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations

We offer the following IT services for nonprofit organizations:

Our full managed IT services for nonprofits include proactive monitoring, maintenance, updates, support, and everything you need for optimal day-to-day operations.

We monitor threats and vulnerabilities via real-time alerts and reporting, block suspicious actors, and keep your systems protected with advanced, multi-layered security.

Your success is our number one priority. When you face an IT issue, we immediately provide support to fix your problem, whether remotely or in person.

We provide the expertise for all your equipment needs with recommendations and packages for the highest quality of equipment that fits your needs.

We provide VoIP phone systems to enable flexible communication at more affordable prices—an essential in any remote business environment.

We help you take advantage of cloud solutions which can increase your nonprofit’s capabilities, including email, video chatting, and file sharing.

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