Why your business needs M365 Business Premium

Why office 365 for business? 


If you have a small or medium-sized business or startup, chances are that you are wondering if you should invest in Microsoft 365 Business Premium.


Office 365 Business really is the best choice out there for cloud-based business systems. With the many Microsoft 365 features and benefits, you will have access to Office Online and OneDrive. 


But which plan should you choose? Premium or basic? 

What Exactly is Microsoft Business Premium?
Microsoft Business Premium is a subscription service that allows a small business or startup to run their own business in the cloud with the power of Microsoft.


Sounds good. So which plan?


365 business standard vs premium: The premium plan includes all of the wonderful features that the standard plan includes, but it also includes advanced cyber threat protection and device management.


The premium package manages all of your devices and protects against any threats. It provides your company with all of the latest business software and upgrades to keep you current.

This is what makes the Microsoft 365 Business Premium ideal for small companies. Unbeatable protection. It also can be used by up to 300 users. The security features are top-notch – safeguarding all of your company data. 

And, it’s an affordable subscription service that small companies and startups can actually afford. (*currently it is $22/month)

What Does Microsoft Business Premium Include?

The premium subscription is chock-full of much-needed apps and services to run your business smoothly. 

The standards that are included: 

  • Word

  • Excel

  • Outlook

  • Microsoft Teams

  • OneDrive

  • PowerPoint

  • SharePoint

  • Exchange

Defender for Business is also included with your Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. It provides even more threat protection to your company devices.

The Microsoft 365 Business Premium Perks

There are many perks for your small or startup business included with Business Premium that allow you to re-imagine your productivity.


Some highlighted perks of 365 business plans:


  1. Stay up to date: Your M365 premium plan will always give you access to the latest versions of Word, Excel, and more.


  1. Company connection: The centralized communication tools help you to stay in constant contact with your team, and all of your customers, too, through use of Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Exchange.


  1. Organization: The premium subscription helps you to organize and manage your business files, and it gives you 1TB of cloud storage for each team member on OneDrive.


  1. Safety from threats: The power of the Defender For Business gives you and your company a safety shield from advanced cyberthreats, with the Microsoft phishing and ransomware protection. The office 365 antivirus protection also includes enhanced security for cloud storage and easy mobile device security. 


  1. Data encryption: Business premium includes controlled access for your team of sensitive company information. Microsoft uses encryption that keeps your data from being shared accidentally.


  1. Customer satisfaction: The 365 BP subscription plan satisfies customer safety and ease of use – customers can access files and the 365 apps for business from virtually anywhere.


  1. Affordability: The Microsoft 365 business premium price is very reasonable, so it is affordable for companies – including startups.

Features That Make The Business Premium Great

There are many built-in features that make the Microsoft business premium subscription the undeniable leader for small to medium businesses, including built-in protection for your users, their data, and your customer’s information.


Some additional M365 business premium features:

  • There is a priceless convenience of being able to use both the web and mobile versions of necessary apps, like Outlook, Powerpoint, Word, and more. Knowing that these apps are always up to date for your team is a time saver for iOS and Android users. 
  • The perfect syncing of devices gives you a real-time collaboration between teammates. Being able to work together at the same time is wonderful for co-workers. 
  • Office 365 for small businesses gives seamless email contact to coworkers and customers. Custom domains, 50 GB mailboxes with business email, and access on all devices and the web, helps to keep things professional. 
  • Managing and sharing your calendar has never been easier. The subscription allows you and your team to schedule meetings with ease by sharing available meeting times among members. The handy reminders for your team keep everyone up to date and prepared – and on time. 
  • Users of the office 365 business subscription get use of File Storage on OneDrive. It’s easy to share and save files up to OneDrive – all changes made are updated among all devices. It’s also easy to securely share your files to your outside contacts with special guest links and more. 
  • Teamwork and group meetings are a breeze with Microsoft Teams. Teams allows for large group video calls and meetings – syncing your teams chats, files, and apps for complete collaboration. 
  • When you purchase Office 365 business premium, support is available at all times for your company through Microsoft to give you peace of mind when working. 

Your Business Can’t Lose With M365 Business Premium

If you are still wondering how you could benefit from the use of business 365 premium, give it a try to see! The ETS team dives in deeper in this YouTube video: Why your business needs M365 Business Premium


Microsoft 365 will empower your employees to build your company and to create their best work. It will simplify your business processes, and give you unbeatable protection.