Microsoft Teams Is The Future For VoIP


Choosing tech tools is always a hot topic, and today there are more options than ever. When it comes to communication, Microsoft Teams, paired with VoIP, is a safe and wise choice. 


The Key Is Communication


Mortgage lending requires constant communication. Businesses find it easiest to connect as a team through the use of Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Teams voice, for collaborating and communicating online. 


VoIP Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the number one choice for internal communication in a business – for businesses looking to connect their virtual workers from multiple locations. 


Conveniences of Microsoft Teams for VoIP


So, what exactly is VoIP?


VoIP is “Voice over Internet Protocol”. Simply put, VoIP is a technological tool that allows you and your team to make voice calls. These calls use a broadband Internet connection, not a traditional phone line. 


So, why is this important?


VoIP allows for simplicity. At virtually any given moment, a business colleague can quickly send a fellow worker a message, and then follow it up easily with a call on Teams. 


It’s easy to use, and fast!


With VoIP, communication with internal agency personnel is a breeze.


What Are The Benefits of VoIP and Microsoft Teams?


There are many clear benefits to utilizing VoIP. Your employees are able to take a simple one-on-one phone call and turn it into a team call  – in seconds – with integrated voice, video, and screen sharing, with the share screen on Microsoft teams.


More incredible benefits include:

  • Overall lower call costs

  • Less equipment needed

  • More control over communication

  • Ease of use of the Microsoft teams web browser

  • No lost time by using multiple portals

  • App for use on-the-go with mobile phones

  • Increase productivity – no more internal barriers to communication

  • Secure calls with high quality

  • Auto attendants available

The flexibility and ease of use with VoIP and Microsoft Teams is ideal for mortgage lenders. It easily connects all the players from their landline, their mobile device, or their Teams app.


With Microsoft teams, everything is easily organized and connected, such as Microsoft teams conference calls, messaging, chats, videos, etc. Voicemail is now available for all VoIP-enabled users in Microsoft teams, too. 


Microsoft teams shifts all internal communication plans into one spot. Everything can be easily tracked in one unified location, which allows a company to have improved productivity and control.


What About Zoom? or Skype? or Google Meet? 


With so many options out there, it is natural to have questions about which products to use for your organization.  


Zoom vs Microsoft teams vs Google Meet:


Microsoft teams vs Skype: Both Teams and Skype were developed by Microsoft. All communications (voice, video, file transfers, and instant messages) are encrypted on both. However, when considering Microsoft teams vs Skype for business, it is important to note that Teams has stronger security features – critical in mortgage lending.


Microsoft Teams vs Google Meet: Microsoft Teams has a better overall value for the price than Google Meet. Microsoft 365 subscriptions give you access to both web and their mobile app, in addition to their Microsoft Office products. 


Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Zoom is generally preferred for external meetings. Teams is preferred for connecting internal meetings. The integration that Teams offers with its Office 365 products allows for one-stop-shopping.


The Microsoft teams VoIP integration seems to generally be the clear winner for small businesses looking for ease of connection with quality for the price. 


How To Use VoIP With Microsoft Teams


So, your team has decided that they’d like to put this technology to the test with a Microsoft teams test?


Your mortgage company could benefit from the Microsoft Teams Exploratory license trial.


This free trial that is offered through Microsoft can give a new business or startup a chance to try out the internal communication tools. This gives you temporary access to the powerful features of Microsoft Teams, for a limited time and for a limited number of users.


Then try VoIP out. Connecting to colleagues through Teams could not be easier! 


Simple steps to make a call in Teams: 

  1. First, go to your chat list. 
  2. Select “New chat”.
  3. Add the names of those you’d like included in the “To” field at the top.
  4. Select “Video” or “Audio” call.

Common concerns:

  1. How to create a meeting in Microsoft teams: Go to “Teams”, then “Calendar”. Select “New meeting”. Name your meeting. Choose desired date and time. Then, simply add the names of attendees or your team.
  2. How to record on Microsoft teams: Join the meeting. Go to “meeting controls”. Select “More actions”. Select “start recording”. Everyone will be notified that a recording is starting.
  3. Changing background in Microsoft teams: Join the meeting. In your pre-join screen, select the “Background filters” or “Background effects” button. From there, add new backgrounds and filters/effects. Then select “Join now”.
  4. How much does it cost Microsoft cloud VoIP? Most tech choices boil down to costs for a company. The Microsoft 365 Business Voice Plan is affordable, at roughly $20 per user/month (for up to 300 users).

VoIP And Microsoft Teams Is The Perfect Combo


Integrating Teams and VoIP allows a user to utilize all of the wonderful Microsoft applications, while also storing company data in one organized place. Connection and communication will be improved for improving business – in a simple integrated way. 


Employees can make and receive calls within Microsoft Teams, while enjoying screen share features, calendar integration, and ease of use.


To top that off, your employees and your clients will both be far more secure while using VoIP and Teams. 


And most importantly, you’ll feel secure knowing that your mortgage lending company is engaging a proven system that you can fully trust.