Why VoIP Will Always Be The Best Option For Mortgage Firms

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Mortgage firms are one of the best businesses to scale upward. The larger a mortgage firm becomes, the more profitable it can – and will – be. 


There are many ways that mortgage firms can scale and grow quickly, and one of those ways is by investing in their people and their technology.  


A VoIP phone system is one of the chosen technologies that these firms invest in. This is because VoIP call services allow for expansion on demand – without any costly purchases. 


All mortgage firms need a business phone service. By choosing VoIP, they can minimize expenses for their firm, which maximizes their net operating income.


Let’s look into the VoIP softphone for business further…


Why VoIP Is Better Than Traditional Phone Services

A company starting out can not overspend on its small business phone system. Luckily, on average, VoIP phone services can cost a firm (large or small) 68 percent less than traditional phone services.

Quality is just as critical as an expense. 

VoIP benefits include:

  • Lower overall cost: there are massive savings when investing in 
  • Improved accessibility: VoIP class connects voice, video, and data into one application.  This was previously not possible. 
  • Advanced features: Some advanced features include business text messaging, call analytics, call forwarding, call notification, mobile app, and advanced voice mail/waiting. 
  • Great quality with clear sound: VoIP calls sound better than landlines, however, they do depend on having a strong internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.
  • Portability, flexibility, and scalability: You are able to port your existing phone number between landline, VoIP, and wireless providers. In addition to this, your mortgage company team can travel to any number of locations, just plug in their IP-enabled laptop, and can make and receive telephone calls. This allows your employees to be unlimited and fully connected – helping with scalability. 

VoIP is a financially smart choice. It eliminates the very real worries of the costs of long-distance and international calls. Toll-free numbers are also cheaper per minute with a cloud phone system than with a softphone provider. 

VoIP serves as a built-in phone answering system for small businesses, allowing for 24/7 connectivity. The primary benefit of VoIP as phones for business offices is connectivity. With a VoIP phone, you can make calls over the internet through VoIP services.


Answers To Common Questions about VoIP


What is a soft phone? What is a VoIP phone? 

A softphone/ VoIP phone is a piece of software that allows the user to make telephone calls over the internet via a computer.  Also called a software phone, it uses “voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology”


What Are VoIP Services? 

VoIP services are the literal technology that converts your voice into a digital signal. 

Soft phone service gives you the ability to make a call directly from your VoIP phone/computer, to any landline or mobile phone. You can also make calls via computer-to-computer – from anywhere in the world! Only an internet connection is needed. 


What is a virtual phone call? 

A virtual phone call is a call that is made over a secure internet connection. When powered by VoIP’s technology you can have multi-media communication. All you need is soft phone software and a strong wifi connection for your software phones.


Do you get a phone number with VoIP phones?

Yes, when using computer phone systems, you get VoIP numbers for your team. Each member of your firm is assigned a number with VoIP service. Much like a landline, it is a string of digits you enter to make a call.


Can I get VoIP for business multiple lines?

There is no limit to the number of lines, however, An office with 10-12 team members could easily function well with just 4 or 5 lines! Users can attach multiple devices to a single line.


What are wireless VoIP conference phones?

Conference phones are a singular device that is supported by extension microphones. They work by connecting an entire room of people over one device to outside groups of people – one of the many benefits of VoIP over traditional telephony. 


In Closing


When deciding between different commercial phones, such as a hosted phone systems softphone vs desk phones, it’s important to make the best long-term choice for a growing mortgage firm. 


Looking at the clear benefits of a VoIP system, there is a clear winner – a VoIP system. There are just so many perks: small business voicemail systems, VoIP call services like call forwarding, analytics, and more, all are included in a VoIP wireless system. Softphones are a practical choice for businesses looking to expand. 


Cloud-based VoIP technology requires no costly hardware to be set up internet phones in an office. It’s an easy setup, and cheaper than having traditional ISDN lines, and that is a huge plus!


Invest in an IP telephone system that can grow with your mortgage company – you won’t regret it.