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We guarantee our work and recommendations. If we install it and it’s not what you need then you can send it back and we will eat the cost. We won’t sell you something that is not right for your business now and in the future.

Check IT off your list. For one fixed monthly cost, we take 100% responsibility for your technology solutions. Need help? No problem. You’re guaranteed an immediate response for all support requests. Plus, we handle your security, data backup, and maintenance to keep you up and running.

Slash your phone costs with a VoIP system. If you are paying for analog phone service, you are overpaying to have less flexibility. Sure, it works, but your competitors with VoIP can hire employees from anywhere in the world, giving them a larger talent pool to hire from while making it easy for employees to work from home.

Office 365 increases business efficiency through easy to use tools such as email, chat programs, and file sharing. If you already have Office 365, we will support and enhance your experience. Not yet a customer? No problem, we will migrate your existing systems onto the Office 365 platform.

We offer government contractors a turn-key solution to meet CMMC security regulations. In 2021 the department of defense will make 15 contracts require CMMC with more expected in 2022. This package will get you CMMC ready so your team can be eligible to compete for these contracts.

We are server experts and have completed hundreds of successful server migrations. We will take full responsibility for your next server project and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do this out of strength and confidence knowing we are experts in this area.

Virtualization reduces cost by allowing your business to run multiple servers on the same hardware. We handle everything start to finish with ongoing monitoring & maintenance so you can focus on running your business.

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We promise a 15-second support call response & automated email notifying you we’ve received your request for help.


Ticket Routed

A service ticket will be generated and assigned to one of our team members to assist. Regular automatic updates are provided to as our team progresses in resolving your issue, keeping you looped in at all times.


Uncover the Issue

An ETS team member will dive deeper into the issue at hand, following up with you via phone and/or email.


Remote Access & Resolve

If needed, our team can access your device remotely to assist and/or visit your company on-premises if they are not able to resolve the issue remotely.

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